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SilverStripe Partnership

22.09.2015 / Andrew Cornale

It has been a busy few months for us. We've launched some new work, our own new website, moved into a new office and have employed some new staff. Among the changes to the business, we've decided to begin working with the Content Management System, SilverStripe

After a bit of a learning curve, we are building a bunch of new projects in the platform. It's a fantastic CMS with a lot of "out of the box" functionality. It's easy for our clients to use, robust and scalable. It also gives us the flexibility to use whatever front-end technology we want and then simply integrate it into the SilverStripe platform. The thing we like about it most is that you can start with a blank canvas. We're able to customise back-end experiences on a "per project" basis, allowing content editors to have flexibility in the way they manage their content.

A few weeks ago, we had a meeting with the guys at SilverStripe and we're pleased to announce that we have become a SilverStripe Professional Partner!

We're truly excited about the opportunity to partner with such a great platform. We have been given access to the partner portal, custom back-end development resources and priority support. We'll also be exhibiting alongside the CMS at the upcoming Web Directions, Respond Conference in 2016.

Check out our partner listing on the SilverStripe website.

Embrace The Hybrid

06.10.2015 / Andrew Cornale

Via mUmBRELLA: Agencies need to start embracing people with across-the-board experience.

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