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Amadeus RFP Hub


- UX, UI Design & Digital Design
- Responsive development & custom SilverStripe integration
- Ability to search for products by type and keyword
- Filtering / tagging system for products and resources
- Ability to download supporting sales material for each product
- Custom email triggers to notify sales agents of new products as they are added to the RFP Hub
- Login section to restrict access to approved sales agents
- Data & event tracking
- Predictive search
- Set up of automated monthly reports on user logins & product searches.
- Automated emails which trigger a temporary password when a new user is added to the site
- Design & development of a Welcome Email series as well as a monthly email template which is all managed via the CMS



Amadeus approached us to create a product & services directory to house all of the sales material for each of their products. The directory is used to support sales agents in the field when on-boarding new clients.

We created a fresh design and completed the front and back-end development in SilverStripe CMS.

The project included restricting access and content to approved users, as well as the ability for head office to upload and manage supporting sales material. On top of this, we created a filtering / tagging system for content so users could easily find the information they were after.

As the project started to gain more traction within the business, we were then briefed on a phase 2 release which included the development of a Knowledgebase within the site. We also set up predictive search, automated monthly reports for internal tracking, designed and developed a welcome email series, and streamlined the sign-up process so users were automatically sent a temporary password which they would change upon their first login of the site.

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