20 - 28 Maddox Street, Alexandria NSW 2015

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Suite 1, 59 Argyle Street, Camden NSW 2570

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- UX, UI & Digital Design
- Responsive development
- SilverStripe CMS integration
- "Create your own" page builder
- Marketo integration

moneysoft screens


Moneysoft approached us with a few unique UX challenges and an out of date site which was constantly breaking every time they wanted to make an update.

After conducting a few workshops with internal stakeholders, we planned and executed a brand new SilverStripe 4 build to promote their products online more clearly.

During the build process, we made use of the elemental blocks module for SilverStripe and built a "create your own" page builder where a content editor could create, rearrange and publish promotional landing pages compiled of the blocks we designed and made available.

The project also had a Marketo integration, was made retina compatible, mobile responsive and was a huge success for the client. We also worked with the clients SEO agency to implement appropriate tracking, site schema and additional tags required for launch.

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