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Neocate & MyKetoCal


Web Design
User Experience
Icon Design
Digital Strategy
Responsive Development
CMS Integration (Wordpress)
Project Management

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Nutricia sought to better engage and support the active communities who benefit from the wide range of products under their Neocate and KetoCal brands. Another part of the brief was to introduce a consistent consumer facing website platform that all of Nutricia's brands could take advantage of.

After close collaboration with Nutricia, we emerged with the Neocate Village and MyKetoCal websites: each website serving as a platform for information, tasty recipes, support and advice from the community as a whole. We also introduced a custom back-end with shared core functionality between each site. This allows Neocate and MyKetoCal to release features simultaneously (or separately) and allows Nutricia to introduce new brands onto the platform, taking advantage of already existing functionality without reinventing the wheel each time.  

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  • neocate recipe
  • myketocal homepage
  • myketocal recipe